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With The King

Yay God!!! Today is the the day that the Lord has made. He made today a day that will be a fond memory in my lifetime. Today is a day that the King showed me in so many different ways of how we Are With Him.

I have never served at a women's conference before, and now I have. I didn't know what to expect or what it all would entail. But, it didn't matter. I needed to get back into doing ministry, into what I wake up everyday seeking to do; to serve. Here lately, my family and I have been going through a lot; and it hasn't been easy at all. We were stuck. We were broken and angry and upset. Through it all, God has said to Rest and Beathe. So for about a week, we didn't go anywhere or do anything; we did go to church, but other than that we did the bare minimal.

My Pastor started calling and texting pretty much everyday during that week. Sometimes it was to just check on us. Other times, it was to speak life into us. To show us that we were not alone in all this. Then about the end of the week, our Pastor said that we needed a push; like a jump. I think of it like when your battery doesn't have enough juice and you hook up the jumper cables, lol. He said I know that y'all are still hurting and still resting, but it's time. I took a deep breath and said, I agree. I agreed because I slept with a sense of Peace and I woke up with Joy. He said I think your wife should be in this conference and that you could help us serve. I told him that there's nothing like serving the King. So, we agreed, that's how we got to where we are as of yesterday and today.

Ms. Renee is definitely an anointed woman of God. I have been taught and witnessed of how God will confirm his Word, well during this conference I can for sure tell you that, that is exactly what has happened. The first introduction, which was just a short evening service, was amazing. The Lord broke chains, he redeemed, he healed in so many different aspects, etc. I just knew that today was going to be even better. From the start, his presence was so very thick and tangible. Even when there were quiet times, it was evident that the Spirit was flowing all throughout each person and each room, like a fresh bubbling spring.

As we began having lunch, I looked around and noticed how the atmosphere wasn't your usual fellowship. I then said to Bro John that there's nothing like dining with the King. That you could tell from the glow of each individual and from each conversation that the Glory of Jesus was upon us all in that one room. It was so............wonderful. Full of peace and joy. Some of the people were from other churches, even other states. An yet, cause of his presence, and that we were of one accord; all you could tell was that we were one body. The body of Christ Jesus. There was no segregation and no division. We were all there to dine with the King.

Throughout the whole day, the Spirit of God poured out over and over. He flowed in every direction and in every class and in every activity. Whether someone was partaking as part of the conference or if it was someone on the worship team or someone serving like us men; we all received the outpouring of the Spirit. It was during the time of the evening service when I was mopping that God said, Get Ready. All of a sudden a downpour came. It was during the rain that God showed me that a good cleansing was coming with a freshness that's like a nice summer rain. An he was of course definitely right.

I witnessed time and time again as women went hand in hand with Jesus to the alter. It was 3 rows deep of women that wanted cleansing, redemption, and a freshness that only can come from the outpouring of the Holy Ghost. For me, it was so very clear. Jesus walked with them to the alter as the Father wrapped them in his loving arms and the Holy Spirit poured into them like never before. His overshadowing was so thick and tangible, that when I was an usher helping to catch the women that were being slain in the Spirit, at times I was looking for someone to catch us both for the outpouring was so rich and powerful and filling. It was truly outstanding!

As the service ended, an clean up and tidying was taking place, God spoke to me again. The King is with you always. The King is with you when you wake up. The King is with you when you sleep. The King is with you when you eat. The King is with you when you work. The King is with you when you pray. The King is with you when you drive. The King is with you when you're healthy. The King is with you when you're sick. The King is with you when you're lost. The King is with you when you're found. The King is with you when you fast. The King is with you when you praise. The King is with you when you go out. The King is with you when you come in.

By now, I pray that you get it.

Therefore, brothers and sisters, know and understand that it doesn't matter who you are or where you are from or where you are or what you are doing. The King is with you Always. You are important to him. You matter to him. You are his masterpiece, his workmanship. He chose you before the foundations of the earth. He knew you before you were in your mother's womb, belly, pregnant with you. He set you apart and appointed you. He has a plan and a future for you. The King Jesus Christ loves you more than anyone can. He loves you more than you can ever imagine and fathom.

So I say, if the King is always with you, why not take every moment of every day to be With The King.

We Love Y'all







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