What Will It Take?

What will it take for you to decide that your relationship with God is more important than anything and anyone in your life? I posted this picture because it is a great story and a great reminder of what and who should be most important in our lives, even for me. See, this little girl is my precious BabyGirl Ady aka Audrey. It was at this moment that her mother and I and her little sister and so.many others along with herself asked that same question. An for her, as you can see, the answer was easy. What came after was hard in so many ways. She even deals with the persecution of that day still today. That was over a year ago.

How many times have we came to God only when all else fails or for last resort reports. How many times do we go on about our days and nights with out even acknowledging God. Forget that we should thank him and praise him and bless him and pray to him. We don't even acknowledge him. An yet, when we get in a pickle or in such a bind where miracles are needed, we then only then do we cry out to him. Save us! We make demands over and over, and we command this that and the other. When all we need to do is to have a constant relationship with him and witness and testify of how he blesses us and covers us and favors us.

It was at this moment that my BabyGirl decided that her life was God's. That she wanted to put him first and keep him there no matter what. That she was ready to receive her salvation by grace through faith. She stepped on deck on looked at mama and me and a friend, she said I want to give God glory for allowing me to play ball. We all looked at each other in complete awe and wonder. Of course we told her to do what she wanted to. So she stepped up to bat and the most beautiful picture came that will be a remembrance for so many, especially for us. She knelt down on her knee in Nacogdoches Texas at the softball/baseball field complex and it seemed like the whole complex went quiet as my BabyGirl gave God thanks. It is truly a moment that I will never forget.

She ended up having tournaments that day, so she ended up doing it a lot. An every time she knelt to give God thanks, the complex got quiet. She was truly teaching us all. Sadly, that day was the last day she played softball. She would no longer pitch or field or bat. Not because her coaches didn't want her. Not because she didn't want to play. But because the umpires and the coaches decided that she didn't need to do that. They wouldn't call it for what it was. They would just say that. They even told her not to do it in the last game, which made her cry because she didn't understand why she couldn't give God thanks. We of course told her to do it anyway. So she did. Not to be in rebellion of any sort, but to be an example that it shouldn't matter where we are and what we are doing and who is around, we should always acknowledge God and give him thanks.

It wasn't long after that, she started speaking in tongues. She truly got consumed by the Holy Ghost. Even when we traveled doing ministry, every person she knelt with to give God thanks and prayed with, God confirmed his Word through her. Even recently, she seen some of her old team mates who had jerseys on that were headed to games wanted to speak with her because she left such an impact on them. Sadly, the mother didn't allow them to talk to her. It hurt her, they were still her friends, but I guess that mom didn't receive that day. Nevertheless, later she got over it knowing that even still today, she would rather be giving God thanks always instead of being lost and not having a relationship with him at ball game where it wasn't allowed.

If only us adults could be so brave and so wise. If only us adults could have that perception. If only us christians not only had that mentality but have that written on our hearts. Then and only then will our relationship with God be so much better. From this picture and from her story, I pray that you receive. Receive and be blessed, be favored, and be covered. Just simply acknowledge him and give hime thanks. It doesn't have to be elaborate or grand. Just simply talk to him for he cares for you.

Therefore brothers and sisters, I ask you this; What are you willing to do to acknowledge God? What will it take for you to give God thanks? Don't wait until you need miracles to receive miracles. Don't wait until you are at a last resort report to talk to God. If an 8 year old at that time can do it, then surely as an adult, and especially as a christian, you can too.

We Love Yall

May you receive more than a blessing today

May you receive a miracle as well

In Jesus Name


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