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Spread The Love Of God

This past week was super busy, lol, just like it usually is. But, it was even more busier and more acts of kindness which involved servitude and compassion. Humility, strength, and perseverance has been the forefront of being compassionate while serving. Just this week already, I have learned just what it means when you reach that point in your life where you want to Spread The Love Of God so much so, that you are willing to lay your life down for one another. An again, when you hear someone calling out to God, asking Jesus to walk with them in their situations and circumstances that seem impossible. I couldn't just stand by and let my bro feel so unworthy when God offers the same promises and blessings to him as to me. I don't know if he's ok and where he is, but we will be going back to check on him.

One thing that God has laid on my heart and has been getting me to tell others, is that he loves them so very much. That he has not forgotten them or abandoned them. We have been from Diboll to Lufkin, to Huntsville, to Livingston, around Houston, all the way to Galveston, and back around Houston, and to downtown Houston, and now in Fort Worth; just pouring out everything we have so that the lost, and fellow believers know that God loves them. To help them, and to serve them in any and every area that we can. An showing them that Jesus is with them with every step and every breath. That there are people that has His kind of love. That he sends people like us and others to walk with you through whatever you feel or believe is impossible. So that when the impossible becomes possible, you and everyone else, knows that He is the One True living God.

We are here for you. You are Not alone. You have Not been forsaken. You have Not been forgotten. Rather, look beyond the surface and see that we are here for you and with you, because God wants you to know that He Loves you so very much; and this is what you mean to him. That he would send others to stand with you in Faith and walk through all things with you. We want to pour into you and Spread The Love Of God all over you, so that you know that you know hands down without a doubt that God is with you - Emmanuel. We love you unconditionally and with no limitations nor hinderances. We care about your now, but we care about your end result even more. Simply, let us show you the Love of God like never before. It's real and its so tangible and so very magnificent.

As I end this; I want you to know that the reason I picked this photo, is to show you that not only did God send us to you, but just as his arms is spread wide, we too open our arms to you. To embrace you with a magnified love and to Spread The Love Of God all upon and around you. To show you that the Love Of God brings you a Peace, a Joy, and a Life that only he can give you. So with arms spread wide, all you have to do, is receive his love. Therefore, be still and know that he is God.

We Love You


Christopher and Brittany

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