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Rise Up In The Midst

"Rise up, and stand forth in the midst."

Luke 6:8

This man had a withered hand, but Jesus didn't immediately address that need. Jesus told him to rise up and stand forth in the midst and then to stretch out his hand. Jesus was deliberately making it clear that He was healing the man on the Sabbath day.

Much of the Body of Christ has a "withered hand" when it come to reaching the lost. "Outreach" is Not a "priority." Most of the "contemporary/charismatic church" is caught up in the "busyness of their business." A church that "neglects evangelism" is Not at all "healthy". It is terribly diseased.

If we want to be healed of this affliction, we should rise up and stand forth in the midst of the ungodly and the lost and reach out to them with the gospel. It is Not enough for us to sit in church and pray, and hope that they will somehow find their way there. We must go to them and meet them where they are at as we have been commanded, in the power of the Holy Spirt. (Mark 16:15)

Meditation On God's Word:

Do I go out and reach someone/anyone, as Jesus command? Am I guilty of just sitting in a pew hoping and having wishful thinking that the lost and discouraged fellow believer will somehow make it to church? How can I overcome my selfishness and/or fear of reaching out?

Father God,

Help me to delight in the task of evangelism to reach the lost and the discouraged fellow believer. Heal my withered hand.

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