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Reach 1 Teen

Updated: Sep 15, 2022

Hey yall, it's that time of year again! Today we launch our Reach 1 Teen Project for Businesses and Individuals to Donate $25 or $25 Gift Cards. The teens in Angelina County will receive the gift cards along with other goodies.

We started this project 3 years ago to help each community in Angelina County to impact lthe teens just as much as toys for tots etc for the younger kiddos. We connect with any and all churches, ministries, etc to do all we can to give these teens a blessed Christmas.

Each year we have grown with more teens signing up. We went from 40 to over a 100. This year we're predicting even more. That's why we are reaching out to individuals and businesses to help us meet the need to gift these teens. Doing all we can to bring the Kingdom to them.

Therefore, link up with us and Chick Fil A, Canes, Ace Hardware, Buffalo Wild Wings, Boots Hardware, and tons more other businesses that gave last year to give again this year. Also, anyone can give and donate. Small businesses, churches, ministries, individuals, etc. Just contact us, we would love for yall to join up and help us Reach Every Teen this year.




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