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Open The Book

This year has been a so different from the last. We have had a lot changes as well. But it has all been good, great even. Today, some things were added and they were wonderful. Like seeing our children doing music together for the King, being directed by my beautiful wife. Or my children doing there first lives tonight on Instagram and Twitter. An seeing Ady bringing a quick word on tiktok. So many things have come to pass that all started as dreams and visions. Now to see them being brought to life, really there aren't enough words to describe that or that would explain it. All I know is that it wouldn't have been possible if we wouldn't be obedient to God. We live by Galatians 5:16. Sometimes it isn't easy according to what we think and feel is best. However, we know that its what we believe that leads us. We Trust in the Lord, and we believe solely in and on him alone. That is where I want to leave you tonight. The reason for the title.

Open the book, open the Bible; the living Word of God. Open up and get to know us. We're a family, a big family, that has a focus. Our focus is to bring God's message and to do his will to save the lost and to revive the believer. Yes, we have our shortcomings and such, nevertheless, we persevere. We have faith, hope, and love in Jesus Christ. We have Faith in our God for we can testify and witness to what he has done that can only have been done by no other than him. Cause he is the Truth, the Way, and the Life. No other way can you be saved and redeemed, an that's only through Jesus Christ. We have testimonies after testimonies of encounters with God. Nothing short of heavenly.

Therefore, I say this, if you're sick and tired of being sick and tired; come and Open the Book with us. Let us walk with you as we Open the Book known as The Word of God. Known as the Way. Known as the Bible. Let us build an awesome relationship with you, as we walk and talk hand in hand as you build a relationship with the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. For the Father neither leaves you nor forsaken you. For the Son gave you life and life more abundantly and so much more. For the Holy Spirit guides you and leads you and comforts you. Follow us on whatever platforms we have. Come partner with us and experience what's it like to bring the Good News to those that need the light in the darkness. Come and partner with us as we walk out the Way. Come and partner with us as we do more than Open the Book; as we apply page by page into our lives.

Nevertheless, you can't know or understand us or our ministry by browsing and reading the cover. You have to do more than peek. You have to do more than see and hear. Open the Book, and get to know and understand our family and ministry, and we will most definetly do the same with you. For we are here for you and with you as a family, as a friend, as one body.

Lol, idk what all the above was about, but it was typed. So its staying there, lol. Know that you are loved and cared about. You matter.

We Love you

keep a look out on Instagram, Tiktok, Twitter, Youtube, and here for more.

Crowns Of Christ - COC

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