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Local Ministry Needs Our Help

Hey everyone, here we are doing what we do best, and that is to serve in whatever areas God leads us. We have a Discipleship Program who is ran by Royal Priesthood Kingdom Mission Ministry. They have Discipleship Programs currently that we know about in 3 states and growing. An it just so happens that one of those places is in Lufkin.

They are doing everything they can to work with what they have. They are a great bunch of men and women. We definitely believe in what they are doing. Hands down without a doubt Spirit led. God has most definitely laid it on our hearts to help and push them further faster into the Kindom and help establishing them here.

They are in need of multiple Twin Mattresses, but need atleast 20 right now. They need countless materials to help renovate the property they're on. They need food, both perishable and non perishable. They need cases of water and the big jugs for machines to have fresh clean water. They could use tools to help renovate the property. In short, they need help. An we want to do everything we can to help. So, we're asking you, please think about in what way you can help.

If you would like to help; you can help serve in multiple ways. You can volunteer to go and work right beside them. You can volunteer to reach out to all the local churches and ministries as well as businesses and individuals for support and backing. You can sow a seed to the Kingdom through their Ministry so that they help make Heaven crowded.

If you, your household, your business, your Ministry, and your church family would like to help and serve; please do not hesitate to reach out and do just that.




Thank Yall In Advance

Crowns Of Christ

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