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Family Game Night

If you ever wanna laugh so hard that you cry, play PICTIONARY. We Drew and redrew, with more and more laughs, while drastically failing at guessing what's SUPPOSED to be drawn.

Question is, who's at fault, the person that's drawing or the person guessing?

Zach couldn't guess Sophi's hat drawing, in which she called him Dum Dum, lol. Brittany couldn't guess berries, a gas pedal, or people protesting, lol. Audrey and Sophi couldn't guess anything Zach was drawing cause it was on his face and half an inch tall. I couldn't guess what Brittany drew as she would mix species of animals together like a mutant elephant-dog, that was supposedly called a purse dog, lol. Audrey was a hit and miss when she drew, even when she mistook the word club for cube in a rush and drew a tissue box, then called it a clube, lol. What was even funnier, was that Zach looked at the rectangular tissue box and called the clube, a cube, lol. As you can see, we stayed up late having family game night.

We get so busy and, or into our own worlds on our phones, other electronics, and individual mini secluded life styles, that we miss out on having that unity and bond that is completely amazing as a family. Even though, we are together everyday and all day, more than the normal, we still make it a habit to set one day a week aside and do a random game night. Sometimes the games are new, and sometimes we bring the old school games out like Old Maid or Mouse Trap. Some people may say that their children only play pc, xbox, playstation, etc games. Well in our house we understand that it works both ways when wanting to do what each of us would like. So we learn all the how to's, our children for us and us for our children.

Do NOT let family values depart from your household. Do NOT let the true meaning of what family is all about depart from your home. Do NOT let the things of this world keep you and your family from ever building that unbreakable, unshakeable bond. Family is about unity, sharing, relationships, community, and so much more. An this is one of very many tools that will help keep your family together, close, and open.

Therefore, take a day or two off. Get some new and old school games. Something that will draw y'all closer as a family and bring unhindered laughs and unlimited joy. Keep it going, once a week or twice a week. Maybe one is game night and one is movie night. You will see a change. You will see and feel a close bond being established in your family. An that is something that you will wish you would of started sooner. Share the knowledge, its a definite a game changer, a life changer.

We Love Yall

Brittany & Chris


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