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Faith Pt4

Why is Faith so Important?

By Faith We Understand - Steadfast Faith Since The Dawn Of History

But without "Faith" it is "impossible" to please Him, for he who comes to God must believe that He is a rewarder of those who diligently seek Him. Hebrews 11:6

Why is it "impossible" to please God without Faith? Well for starters, everything starts and ends with Faith. For us to even start the beginning stages of receiving salvation, building a relationship with God, and anything that remotely has to do with God is built on Faith. Sadly, that even means for the ones who don't believe, who refuse to believe, and/or has decided to turn away from Him. It is their belief that God is not who He says He is, nor does He do or provide the way He says that He does. Regardless if we don't understand why their belief system is that way, we have to respect it. Why? That's their right, their choice. God Himself gave everyone the right, the Free will choice for us to choose Him or not. An even though it hurts His heart, He respects their wishes. Otherwise, they wouldn't go to hell.

Nevertheless, the one thing they can't seem to comprehend nor want to, is that it takes Faith for both. It takes Faith to choose Him, to believe in Him. An it takes Faith to choose not to. How so? Well, it's like when we go to sleep. Most everyone has Faith that they will wake up. It's like when we get into our cars, we have Faith that when we put the key into the ignition and turn it, it will not only start but will sustain itself and run correctly. It's like when you work for someone even if self employed, after the job is done, we have Faith that payment is on its way. It's like when we receive a letter or email or bill; regardless of how, we have Faith that the letter will soon be in the mail box or that the email will come through almost instantly or that this day in this month these bills are due; etc. Do you get it? Not matter what it takes Faith.

As for the ones who turn away from God; who say that He didn't comfort or save or heal or provide, or keep His promises to them; their Faith has created a belief system that He is non existent. That saddens our hearts just as much as it does God's. There are plenty of times where I have been in tears either from sorrow and/or anger. Sure I have called out, cried out, even yelled and screamed at God. However, my love and my Faith is so deep in Him that after all that, I will cry tears of joy. Lol. How and why? Because, my encounters with Jesus Christ, my encounters with Holy Spirit, and my encounters with my Daddy Father God; has been so powerful in my life that I can not deny nor turn away from Him. Yes, there has been a ton of things that wasn't good at all. There are things that had me ready to give up, and not just ministry or even as a husband and as a dad; but my life. In those moments when I was devastated, beyond overwhelmed and destroyed or broken and shattered; when no one was there or cared to be; He was and He has been, and He still is.

Even with historical facts and evidence that is being uncovered and revealed of just how real and tangible He is; God doesn't need those things for you and I to have everything that He promises. All He needs and wants us to do is to have absolute unhindered unlimited hands down with out a doubt all in know that we know Faith in, with, and for Him. We can't dip our toe or toes in, we can't be one foot in and one foot out, we can't be outwardly worldly and inwardly about God, we can't be outwardly about God and inwardly about the world, we can't be on the fence, we can't keep saying we don't know when we do, etc the list goes. We are either a child of God or we're not. Hold on, so He's pleased with us even if we have Faith in anything else but Him?

Of course not lol. But the Word does say that it is better for you to be hot or cold than being luke warm. Again, He respects your choice, even if your choice isn't to have Faith in Him. However, I encourage you to have Faith in Him. You may say well I have seen my mom and dad, or grandparents, or family, friends and loved ones have Faith in God and it got them no where. Here is my question, How do you know that? An if they stopped having Faith in Him, why?

Therefore I encourage you to clean your mind and your heart about whatever you have not personally experienced and/or encountered by and from God. Start with your own testimony and witness. Be all in. Pour into building a relationship with God in every area of your life in every situation and circumstance. An when the times are hard, overwhelming, and devastating; do not give up, rather Trust in Him with all the Faith that you have even when it seems like nothing at all. Then come to me and tell me that He is not real or tangible. That God isn't who He says He is nor that He doesn't keep His promises.

Therefore, lets start small. Get a journal. Get some sticky notes. Get your Bible out. Get yourself a playlist of songs that's truly about God. Start journaling your relationship with Him; prayers, talking to Him; repenting, whatever is own your heart. Start putting sticky notes up around places that you go in your home and car even work areas; where you can see what His word, scriptures say that you are for and to Him like Ephesians 2:10. Get your Bible out and read atleast one chapter a day, regardless of how short or long it is or what its about. Receive from His words. Take your playlists of songs form artists like Bryann Trejo, Toby Mac, Kingdom Music, Bethel, Kim Walker Smith, Kari Jobe, Elevation Worship, Kutlass, etc and listen only to them. Nothing other than true Christian music. I challenge you to do the same for the things you watch and what you speak as well. After 21 days or 3 to 6 moths, lets see where your Faith lies.

Will it lead you to go deeper with God? Will it turn you completely away from God? Will it leave you stuck, lol, because you want to do both; to actually build a relationship with God but you want the old same life you were living before this to? At that point, I want you to reach out to us and we will walk with you in anything and everything that we can. However, make sure you go all in, or you'll never know and understand who He is in your life.

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