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Dream Chaser

When you think of a Dream, what do you think about? Or when you think of your Dreams, like your future, what do you think about? What were your Dreams when you were a child? What were your Dreams as a teen? What were your Dreams as a young adult? What are your Dreams now? No worries, if you're a child or teen or young adult currently, you can still participate. Therefore, keep it simple.

What are your Dreams?

For some it may be "Goals", but for the title sake, we will say Dreams.

Back to the matter at hand. Are you following those Dreams? Are you working towards those Dreams? Have those Dreams changed? Are you living those Dreams? I pray on all those accounts that the answer is Yes. Whether you call them goals or Dreams, it's all the same. I have learned that regardless of what you label them, they flow as one. Dreams are something you want or need, or both. It's something that you don't have yet or it's someone that you're not as of yet.

Therefore, how do those Dreams come true? You "Chase" them! Hence, you are now a "Dream Chaser"! It doesn't matter how long it takes for you to make the Dream a reality, nor does it matter if your Dreams change. What matters is that you don't lose Hope in making those Dreams reality. What matters is that you don't lose Faith in yourself to make those Dreams become real. There are times that you will have criticism and be discouraged, but do not ever stop being a Dream Chaser. Even when things doesn't have any logical concept, don't stop being a Dream Chaser. Even when no one, absolutely no one, has any understanding in any of your Dreams. You keep your tenacity as a Dream Chaser, your Dreams will be more real and more evident as you will actually be living them out.

I know that because that's what I did. I can remember when C.O.C. was just Dreams. I used to run around classrooms and draw on dry erase boards those letters with scripture. All those times drawing wasn't just for others, it was for myself. Because I was a Dream Chaser, now we have a fully functional ministry. Crowns Of Christ Ministries, we have our official website here and several social media accounts like Facebook, instagram, tiktok, etc. It is so amazing you live out every Dream you have because you are a Dream Chaser, especially as a child of God. I just was talking the other day with a brother of mine who was there when I was Dream Chasing C.O.C., he was like bro it is so wonderful and awesome to see how things turned out. It hit me then, it's all because I chased the Dream God gave me over and over. What's even more awesome is how God Keeps adding to the Dream I am living out today.

Job 33:14-15 For God speaks again and again, though people do not recognize it. He speaks in Dreams, in Visions of the Night, when deep Sleep falls on people as they Lie in their Beds.

Therefore brothers and sisters, as my brother AZ says in his song Dream Chaser - "Dream Chaser, Dream Chaser" , "Don't Give Up On Your Dreams", "Dream Chaser", "Dream Chaser, Dream Chaser" "Hope And Dream"! Check my brother out on YouTube, instagram, and Facebook. Heavenly Ruled Records and AZ. - Listen to this!!!!!!!

Love Y'all


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