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Updated: Feb 3, 2022

Three times a day (Daniel) got down on his knees and prayed, giving thanks to his God.

Daniel 6:10

A friend was passing through. He is a very busy man, which we all say that we are, and his schedule was tighter and busier than most. However, after a long difficult busy day, he was able to drop in and have a quick talk with dinner. We enjoyed his visit, but I remember looking at our plates and thinking, we only got The Crumbs of his Time.

Then I hung my head with a heavy heart as I think about how many times God gets The Crumbs of My Time, sometimes, just the last minutes before I fall asleep; or just my waking moments. Even worse, only when I am in desperate need for myself or my family.

There are so many times in our every day life where we are rushing, or that we have a set time frame or schedule, even when it comes to church. Church service starts this time and ends this time. Never giving our all to our fullest potential. You catch yourself looking at your watch or phone, ready to do what's next. We have reminders on our phones, date books, calendars, etc. for everything. We simply don't enjoy things the way we should. We don't have actual relationships with anyone; with our spouses or our children or our church or with friends etc, especially not with God. We think we communicate when we text or call or message by phone or email, but that's not so. There is no true communication or relationship, hence the reasons why there is no understanding with anyone and there's more division and discord in our families, churches, and households. It starts with relationship and communication. It starts with giving more than Crumbs of our Time. The very reasons why Jesus said to follow him. To literally Walk With Him. By walking with him, you get to know each other. By walking with him, you start communicating. By walking with him, you start investing. By walking with him, you start building a relationship. Therefore, when you invest, communicate, and build a relationship with someone in your life, you slow down and make time because they matter to you. Their value in your life is impactful and is unlimited, unhindered.

Daniel was a very busy man. He held a high government position in the ancient kingdom of Babylon, and I'm sure he had a full schedule. However, he had developed the habit of spending time with God; praying three times a day on his knees, praising God, and thanking Him. Giving God more than the Crumbs of his time. This established such a relationship, which helped him develop a strong faith that did not waver when he faced persecution.

God desires a relationship with us. In the morning we can invite Him into our day, and then we can praise Him and ask Him for His help throughout the day. We can treasure some time alone with Him and reflect on His faithfulness, again blessing Him and thanking him for walking with us as we lay down to rest and sleep. As we spend time with God in prayer and in His Word, we grow in our relationship with Him and learn to become more and more like Him. As time with God becomes a priority, we enjoy His company more and more.

Therefore, brothers and sisters, let's give more than just Crumbs of our Time to God and to others. Not just with God; but with our spouses, our children, our family, our friends, our church family, and to the lost who will become our brothers and sisters. Let Christ in you give the love of God to everyone by giving more than just The Crumbs of Your Time. Be impactful with unhindered, unlimited Time as God is with you.

We Love Yall


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