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Come All

Jesus Christ says in Matthew 11: 28 - 30; "Come to me, all of you who are weary and carry heavy burdens, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you. Let me teach you, because I am humble and gentle at heart, and you will find rest for your souls. For my yoke is easy to bear, and the burden I give you is light."

Today as we were out there knocking on doors handing out flyers and talking to people on the street, we encountered a lot of people, I mean a lot of people that all seemed Weary and Carrying Heavy Burdens. An when we told them all that we were offering at our service event Saturday, they seemed relieved. Relieved that someone would do something to bring a type of rest from the heat, the complications of life, where they could just enjoy themselves with Free Food and Drinks along with different entertainments for both adults and kids. A vacation, a reprieve, for their families or even if it were just themselves, to be able to take a deep breath and and just let God.

One example was when we walked up to 3 ladies in chairs from different housing, but probably neighbors, sitting just talking about life's complications, the heat, etc. I said that we want to give back to the community and show people that God is right here, right now for them. That even when they can't feel him and see him, that he is there. That he hasn't forgotten about them. That, that's why we were out there today doing what we're doing. Just showing everyone the compassion, servitude, and love that God has for them.

Another example was when I knocked on a certain door tucked in a secluded spot, an older man answered and listened intently. When I was done talking, he said I don't have any family or friends, it's just me. I said well sir, you do now. I said remember my name Chris and I will personally welcome you Saturday my friend. He looked up at me and said "I will certainly be there, Thank you".

Even more, another example was when further in a secluded spot, an older guy couldn't talk and one who lived with him opened their hearts to me. The younger guy said I am a promoter. He said man I know that I'm not all completely right with God but I am sure trying. He said the Lord has given me the ability to reach these kids and promote them to do music for The King. He smiled and said that what's so amazing is that it's Gospel music. He said bro, every Saturday we go to the hoods in Lufkin and try to do like a "Clean Up My Hood" thing to get the people and kids to change the way they believe, the way they think, and the way they even speak. Even quoting Proverbs 18:21. He said man I will be there. The other guy brought me around to see the whole of his little front yard, and he tried with all the noise he could muster to try and tell me how much he believed and by waving his hands at all the scripture and crosses etc.

Tonight as I sit here and type this out, I Honestly feel my heart weeping. For I am overwhelmed with Compassion for Angelina county; the towns and cities alike. Fore they all hold the same things. Things like; brokenness, abandonment, grief, loneliness, anger, sorrow, poverty, sickness, etc; so much more. Gangs, drugs, and alcohol don't make anything any better. They ultimately believe and feel that it's them against the world, and where is God.

By the time we were half through with the first complex, today I could feel the spirit coursing through me saying this ends now. Show them that their Father is right here, right now for them. That the I AM has heard their cries and seen their devastations. That this year, will be a turn around for them. A New Beginning, a year that brings blessings upon blessings that shall rain upon them. That this weekend will bring something to them like never before.

How did he show me this? As we were at our last complex for the day, there were a street full of kids racing. This one little kid kept challenging all the others to race. God spoke. He said race. I piped up and said, I will race, and if I lose, I will give you my ministry hat. It was my lime yellow hat that said God first. About that time the challengers older brother who was about 10 stepped up. We all lined up and Brittany said go, we all took off. Slowly, everyone dropped off but one, the 10 year old. I could hear him a few steps behind huffing, giving all he had, grunting even a little trying some how to catch me and beat me. We had 20 to 30 feet left till the finish. God said, let him win. I slowed down and he passed me and won. His face lit up so bright. He won!!!!! All the kids including his little brother started hollering his name. They ran to him amazed, that he won. I took my hat off and gave it to him. I said I love you kid, I mean that. I could feel Paul's words speaking through me. I said little bro, when life seems hard and things seem so far off like a finish line. Don't stop, keep pushing, keep pumping running the race. I said you won because you chose to finish the race. You gave it all you had and then some to finish the race. I said God is always with you. Never stop running the race for the King.

As we were walking back, Sophi ran up beside me and said, Daddy why did you let him win. I said it wasn't about me or about my hat. It was about teaching them something different. She said like how it feels to win. I said that's right, to show him how it feels to win when running for the King. About that time, a guy that had watched what happened said that he seen what I did. He said thank you, he said we are all going through it around here, it's bad. He said we need to be reminded of how it feels like to win. I walked over to him and asked if I could pray for him, he agreed. I prayed that this community, him and his family would know what it feels like to win. Then we talked about how it feels to win with Jesus.

Therefore, my brothers and sisters, Come All who are weary and heavy burdened. Come and allow the Father to love you, allow Jesus Christ to show his compassion for you, and allow the Holy Spirit to serve and comfort you this weekend.


3pm - 7pm

Saturday the 17th

Old Orchard Park

Diboll, Tx

FREE Food, Drinks, Snow Cones, Pop Corn, Face Painting, Live Music and Much More


We Love Y'all



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