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Brandon Gerald Curtis

We would like to take a season or so and dedicate it to our brother who is now with King Jesus. We're sure y'all have noticed some changes and additions to our website and social media platforms etc. That is to dedicate to his memory and the things he has taught us, even about the ministry he had. Therefore, the color schemes, posts, and so much more is about Jesus Christ through Brandon.

Those of you that had the privilege to meet, talk, and build a relationship with Brandon; I'm sure we can agree that he definitely left an impact on us. The compassion and the servitude he showed, played a huge part of how I now serve and show compassion. I knew only so much of his past life before Christ Jesus and when he was living life in Michigan where he is from, however I can witness and testify that his character and integrity as a man of God was definitely hands down without a doubt unique.

In the season that we make posts and share with you the way he functioned as a man of God and shared through his ministry, we pray that it impacts you just as it still does for us day to day. We pray that you learn Kingdom Principles that you can apply to your own life and share with others. That you learn to serve with the compassion and love that Christ Jesus instilled in Brandon. Lastly, but not least, we pray that you establish a relationship with God in every area of your life and sustain it for eternity.

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