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Be Still, And Know

Psalms 46:10 -

Be still, and know that I Am God

Hey everyone, I know it's been some time since we have posted anything. We are at the finishing stages of moving. The rain sure hasn't helped us any. Nevertheles, we are still moving, raising our family, and doing ministry. We may be kinda all over the place, but at least it's in truth and spirit. With that, let's move on to something we can use from the Word.

As you can see we are quite busy. Not to mention, getting things ready for our service event Saturday. We all have moments and seasons in our lives where things get extremely busy, more than the normal. An in those moments we can get overwhelmed, scared, rude, angry, upset etc. We get so close, involved, and or overwhelmed in the situation or circumstance, that we want to explode. Whether in anger or grief or sorrow; we want to snap.

It's in those moments, more than ever, that we should be rooted in Galatians 5:16 - "So I say, let the Spirit guide your lives". Because, when we don't, there's only 2 options from there. #1, we get to a point where we actually listen to God Psalms 46:10 "Be still, and know that I Am God". #2, we continue until we explode or snap in anger or grief or both.

For me, Chris, I try to do both, before the start of those things. I try to Be Still And Know that He Is God, the I Am. An that He, the Spirit, will lead me, guide me through all the business. At times, I don't hit the mark, lol. Nevertheles, the Spirit comforts me and then helps me to listen to my Father's voice. In which, then I stop everything that I'm doing or saying or thinking. It doesn't matter what it is or whom I'm with. I do get cray looks at those times, 😂. However, when I stop, Peace and Joy overshadows me. I literally let out a huge breath and know that Jesus is there with me as always. Walking with me, through it all.

Therefore, I want to share this with you. This Peace and Joy. This comfort and help. Holy Spirit is comforting you and helping you to slow down and come to a stop. So that you can hear our Father's voice who is saying, Be Still and Know that I Am God. An just bask in the Peace and Joy that Christ Jesus is covering you in. Relax, God has a plan and a future for you. Let the Spirit guide while Jesus walks with you through it all.

Psalms 46:10

Galatians 5:16

In Jesus Name




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