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Hey everyone,

We know that it has been awhile since we have done anything. Yes, we mean on all our platforms. We have had a lot going on, more than the normal. If you're close to us, then you probably know everything that we're going through or have gone through. Nevertheless, we are still persevering. Over and over again, God has proven to us that we're not alone. That He hasn't abandoned us, nor forsaken us. We need more support and prayer and encouragement more than ever. We definitely appreciate and thank y'all in advance for all that you do for our family. We Love y'all!!!

With that being said; we will be getting everything back up and running. Our daily devotionals, Words of the Day, Website Posts, and more. Our Kingdom Kids will be releasing new music and we will be uploading pics and videos of the start of our Give Em Heaven Tour; which is still in effect. People may say that it didn't sound or look much of a mission trip nor tour, that it didn't have structure etc. God shows us in his ministry that doing the Father's will doesn't stop just because we have obstacles or tribulations. Rather, we pray and fast and continue in doing ministry. Things may be a little different; just Walk With Us.

Lastly, brothers and sisters, when you check us out on any platform, remember to Subscribe, to like, to share, and to follow. You can find us on Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, TikTok, Twitter, and of course here. Here is how you can find us: Facebook - Crowns Of Christ, Instagram - Crowns Of Christ, Youtube - Crowns Of Christ, TikTok - C.O.C.2019, Twitter - Crowns Of Christ, and here please Subscribe - Crowns Of Christ. net. When you subscribe on our website, here, you will receive a unique Newsletter at the beginning of every month. You can also partner with us when you sow into the kingdom. You can do that by cash app, Venmo, and or PayPal.

Now I leave you with a simple Word, "Rest". A lot of times, whether we are in a storm or getting promotions, whether raising a family or at work, at the alter praying or worshipping in the car; we tend to forget that regardless of the situation or circumstance Rest is needed. I bet you're thinking "huh". LoL, it's okay, I didn't get it either. The reason being is that we are emotionally overwhelmed. We are either super excited or super upset in those moments. To the point that we don't realize that if we would simply take a moment to take long deep breaths and Rest, we would erupt and explode.

Therefore, brothers and sisters, right now, no matter where you are and what you are doing, STOP. Stop and take a few long deep breaths. Close your eyes even. Take a Rest. Be Still An Know That HE Is God. Know that you are Not Alone, you are Not Forsaken, you are Not Abandoned, and you are Not Forgotten. Rest in the Lord - Psalm 4:8

We Love Yall



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