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This season has been trying and extremely hard for pretty much everyone. The way our government is, things in other countries, issues in the work/job industry, loss of soldiers etc, issues with people's health, and the loss of loved ones. I thank God that we have comfort, strength, peace, and rest in him. Without those things and much more; you could forget overwhelming, forget impossible. It would all be magnified beyond out capacity without God. I thank you Father God, for your love. I thank you Yeshua, for your compassion. I thank you Holy Spirit, for your comfort.

As we get ready to hold my brother's service this weekend, to celebrate his life here on earth and him now being home with our King Jesus. I want to remind you of what my brother instilled in my family like Paul wrote about Abraham in Romans Chapter 4.

When everything seems lost. When it seems our that our faith may be non existent. When feel as if we are all alone and God has forgotten us. Hold on! Hold on to what his Word says. Hold on to the Promises he has given us. Hold on with Hope that those Promises will come to pass.

Go and read about Abraham in Genesis. Read Romans chapter 4. You will learn that when Abraham had nothing and no reason to hope in anything, have faith with anything;

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